It is seen that Amazon is working on the touchscreen version of its Echo speaker that will feature both touch screen and built-in camera support and today we are getting some evidence regarding it. As Apple is expected to reveal its Siri speaker at WWDC, the Amazon have taken this step to compete with its rival.

A leaked image of the Amazon Echo device shows both touch screen and built-in camera which is recently announced by Amazon. The news was provided by AFTVnews revealed a small photo that shows video monitor with a huge speaker present below the surface. The AFTVnews have already reported the images of the new Amazon Echo device in the previous month.

As Amazon already have experience in the field of designing UIs, the company plans to develop a visual interface that will help users to navigate using commands and screen will be a convenient option in some cases. It was seen that company was planning to reveal it the new look of Amazon Echo in the first quarter of 2017 but it was not able to do so. But currently, the company is working on a version of smart speaker that will feature a 7-inch display and will be powered by Fire operating system that was launched in November 2016.

Another leaked image by Evan Blass displays a clear picture of high-resolution Amazon Echo device with touch screen and a white color option. The image shows a device with a camera present at the top of the device. Along with touch screen and inbuilt camera the device will also have enhanced speakers, also the chat icon present on the top side of the screen hints that the device will have a new messaging service or integration with Android or iOS.

The camera capabilities equipped with the device may help users to do video calls and can act as a smart clock when placed alongside with the bed. With all these improved features the device may have a price tag of more than $200 but it will be less than $300.

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