Facebook’s Instant Games feature was introduced long back in November. But now it has begun to roll out worldwide. Messenger is also introducing new features that were announced at F8 Conference which it discussed with the company’s Director of Global Games Partnership Leo Olebe. The new features include turn-based games, leaderboards, tournaments and additional games.

It is also including the ability for developers to contain game bot to notify users what’s happening actually in the game along with callout specific functions, new game options, customizable game messages during play and challenges for players. Facebook, the social networking giant has around 1.2 active users. This feature was previously available only in few countries but now it is available to the entire world for iOS and Android users in next few weeks.

Fifty new Instant Games such as Words with Friends, EverWing, 8 Ball Pool, Solitaire, Pac-Man, Bingo, Snake and much more could be played. After opening the games section, you would find many games that could be played against a friendly opponent. Turn-based gameplay is one of the in-demand Instant Games features. Till today, the games included single player. But from now two people can play the games simultaneously. In games like Words with Friends, two players can play at a time.

The game known as Blackstorm’s Everwing is being updated to take advantage of game bots, while Miniclip will launch 8 Ball Pool on Instant Games. Andrea Vaccari, Product Manager on Messenger said in a statement, “We are pleased to welcome the megahit Words With Friends to the 50 games we now have available for Instant Games on Messenger and Facebook.” He further added, “As one of the first games to include the newly announced rich gameplay features, we are laying the groundwork with Words With Friends and other titles coming soon to give players a wider variety of gameplay options to further enhance their gaming experience.”

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