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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Is Expected To Be Launched During An Event In Shanghai

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is expected to be revealed during the shanghai event that will be held probably on May 23.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5

Microsoft is going to announce its Microsoft Surface Pro 5 phone during an event in Shanghai on May 23. However, the company has not yet revealed any further details regarding the event like location, time, but the Surface Pro is expected to come soon.
Microsoft has also confirmed that some hardware is expected during this event. This announcement comes a week after the company has revealed its Surface Laptop and Windows 10 OS. Also, Microsoft CEO has stated in one of the interviews that the company has plans to launch more phones.

Windows 10 OS currently present on mobile phones showing its sleek interface in comparison with the Apple iOS and Google Android. Also, these mobile phones have a feature called Continuum that will help the device to function as mini PC.

The Windows 10 mobile phone launched in 2015 is now the oldest one along with the Lumia 950 as compared to the iOS and Android phones. Hence, a new flagship phone in the form of Surface Phone is much awaited. As the presence of Microsoft corporate VP for Surface Panos Panay is linked with the launch of Surface Pro.

Paul Thurrot has provided a hint last month that the successor of Surface Pro 4 will have Surface Connect power connector and a Kaby Lake processors. Also, there will not be any difference between the predecessor and the upcoming Surface Pro 5. This may be because the company wants to keep its new hardware compatible with the previous one. As this move by Microsoft seems user-friendly, it may also raise disinterest among the potential buyers due to the use of traditional hardware options.

As iOS and Android are ahead in the race of mobile phones, if Microsoft wants to win the race it should introduce some extra-ordinary features that will blow the user’s mind.
In November 2016, Nadella was carrying out an innovative research in order to create an ultimate mobile device. The report from March claimed that the launch of Surface Pro 5 will be delayed but still there are chances that the device may hit the market before its expected date.


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