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Facebook Employed 3,000 More People To Fight Against Violent Posts

Facebook have recently employed 3,000 people to screen the violent videos that are being posted on its site and remove them before becoming viral.

Facebook Employed 3,000 More People To Fight Against Violent Posts

Facebook is taking various measures to remove and avoid the spread of violent videos on its social networking platform. The videos that are categorized as violent videos are murders and suicides videos, hate speech that remains unnoticed and spreads rapidly by tagging or posting it on friend’s timeline.

In order to do so, Facebook has employed 3,000 people to screen the videos posted on its platform so as to stop its spread. Already there are 4,500 people working on this project that keeps track of crime and other misleading and fake information being spread on its site.

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company is taking efforts to report such videos quickly so that prompt action can be taken and the posts can be removed. But there are some questions like: Are these newly employed people working as full-time employees or they are kept on contract basis is yet to be answered. Also, how these people can screen all the videos posted on Facebook is yet to be seen. The social networking giant has 2 billion users present globally.  It receives millions of reports every week, screening all these content is a difficult task.

Hence, to address all the above concerns Facebook have hired a community of 3,000 people that will take down the videos that have illegal contents and which violets the company’s norms. The company will also work with local community groups and law enforcement agencies. By employing people in such large number seems to be a wise decision which can quickly respond to violent videos before it reaches a large number of people.

The Facebook’s algorithms are also being modified so that it will be easy for users to report the issues faced by them and submit those in form of reports. The company has taken various initiative earlier to avoid the spread of fake news on its site or spread of rumors, suicide prevention tools to name a few.

People are more addicted to social networking sites and information through social media spreads faster than local media. Hence, this initiative by the company will surely help users in long run.


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