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Google Assistant Arriving On Your PC In The Form Of AutoVoice Chrome Extension

The AutoVoice extension will bring Google Assistant to your PC which can perform tasks like playing music, redirecting calls, suggesting hotels etc.

Google Assistant Arriving On Your PC In The Form Of AutoVoice Chrome Extension

It seems that Google is trying to compete Amazon Alexa using Google Assistant. But, Google is continuously making efforts to bring various features to Google Home smart speaker and Google Assistant. Recently the company had brought reciting recipe feature to Google Home that will ease your cooking task.

The AutoVoice extension for Google Chrome has been updated recently and it can provide support for recently released SDK for Google Assistant. Using this AutoVoice extension we can now use the Google Assistant on PCs. It needs some time to be installed on your PC but after installation, it offers various features based on voice commands. For instance, one can check the schedule, read the latest news or can even play the favorite songs.

João Dias has developed AutoVoice and he has also posted a video that shows how one can interact with Google Assistant on PC using Chrome. Users can perform simple day-to-day tasks using simple phrases or commands. For instance, when Dias asked “Hey Google, what can you do?” and the device replied saying “I can do lot of things.”

To check how one can install Assistant on PC visit XDA developer’s page. Firstly, you need to install Google Assistant on Windows or Mac PC. After that visit Joaoapps.com site and run some commands using command line prompt to add AutoVoice extension. After this, you can use the assistant.

AutoVoice is the Chrome extension and Tasker app plugin that can perform various tasks based on voice commands like dialing and receiving calls via Bluetooth headset, playing music etc, suggesting restaurants.

Google Assistant was launched by Google in May 2016. However, there are many virtual assistants available in the market like Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.  The Google Assistant was made available via Allo then it was also introduced in Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, it was also deployed to Android Wear.


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