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Low-Dose Aspirin Can Shield Women’s Against The Risk Of Breast Cancer

Regular consumption Low dose aspirin or baby aspirin at least three times a week reduces the risk of breast cancer in women. Read more.

Low-Dose Aspirin Can Shield Women’s Against The Risk Of Breast Cancer

Use of low-dose aspirin 81 mg also called baby aspirin which is a pain killer can reduce the risk of breast cancer in women’s. The study was published in the journal Breast Cancer Research, in which the data of more than 57,000 women was studied by California Teacher’s Study and The City of Hope Cancer Center in Duarte, California researchers.

After the study, the researchers saw 16% decline in the risk of breast cancer in women who consumed lose dose aspirin at least thrice a week. Hence the study successfully determined the protective cover offered by aspirin against a commonly seen type of cancer. However, other painkiller drugs like ibuprofen and acetaminophen have not shown the decline in the risk. Also, the regular aspirin tablet did not provide these benefits only low-dose aspirin called baby aspirin is associated with lowering the risk of breast cancer.

The conducted study

To establish a link between low dose aspirin and breast cancer Christina Clarke and her colleagues examined the data that was gathered by California Teachers Study between the year 1995 and 1996.

The one-year study that included 133,000 women were asked to fill the questionnaire regarding the use of painkiller, family history of cancer, alcohol consumption, height, weight, habits and much more.

In the year 2005 to 2006, the same study was conducted which included 57,164 women participants. In this study, the updated information regarding the use of painkillers.

The results of the study have proved that baby aspirin has reduced the risk of breast cancer by 16 percent. Also, the use of this pain reliever also reduced the risk of progesterone or estrogen receptor positive, HER2 negative breast cancer subtype in women. HER2 is the most common type of breast cancer seen in women. The baby or low dose aspirin is easily available at an affordable cost in any medical store.


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