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Gray Death Caused By Lethal Drug Combination Is Deadly And Scariest Opioid Drug

Opioid overdose along with concrete mixture of other lethal drugs results in gray death that is becoming more prominent today. Read more.

Gray Death Caused By Lethal Drug Combination Is Deadly And Scariest Opioid Drug

The use of an opioid is claiming many lives but even more, lethal and scariest opioid drug threat called gray death is worsening the condition. Gray death is caused by the combination of deadly drugs.

An opioid is commonly used in drugs as pain relievers but its addiction has become dangerous which is resulting in death. The authorities are also warning individuals against the lethal combination of opioids. The high doses of drugs were found in Alabama, Ohio, and Georgia. The gray death is caused by the combination of drugs can be in the form of hard and chunky material to powder like substance. This fatal drug combination includes a mixture of heroin, fentanyl, carfentanil and synthetic opioid.

These drugs can be given in the form of injection, via inhalation, swallowing, smoking. Even simple skin exposure can be fatal. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has reported 50 cases of overdose that are linked with gray death since last three months.

The gray death may be caused due to an improper proportion of different ingredients as people are not aware of the exact proportion of drugs which is safe for consumption. The name gray death comes from gray hue which appears after mixing various drugs.

Opioid overdose has caused the death of more than 91 Americans. Apart from this half-million Americans have died due to drug abuse. The rise in a number of deaths may be due to increase in opioid prescriptions since 1999. Also, the sale of this drug has increased up to four times, reported Centers For Disease Control and Prevention.

As people depend on opioids for relieving the pain they become addicted to it even after just consuming it for 5 days. This category of drugs includes both illegal drugs like heroin and legal drugs like morphine that helps in pain management. These drugs interact with opioid receptors on nerve cells present in the brain.

Due to its capability to not just significantly reduce pain, but also induce a sense of euphoria, regular opioid use can lead to dependence and more often than not is the cause of misuse and abuse.


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