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Implementing Few Things Can Keep You Away From Dementia

Dementia which declines the functioning of the brain can be controlled using cognitive training programs, managing blood pressure and a moderate amount of physical activity.

Implementing Few Things Can Keep You Away From Dementia

Dementia affects the functioning of the brain and leads to memory decline. Here are few ways to keep yourself away from dementia. The few things like training your brain, keeping blood pressure under control and a proper amount of physical activity can provide protection against the disease.

People suffering from dementia can find difficulty in engaging in other stuff and become physically and emotionally weak. The report published in National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) says that cognitive training which improves the brain functioning, maintaining the blood pressure and being physically active can reduce the risk of dementia.

Depression, anxiety, aggressive behavior, hallucinations are the symptoms of dementia. The results of the study match with the one gathered by Alzheimer’s Association. This organization has have identified 2 things which can reduce the onset of dementia.

The researchers of the study said that the things which are good for the heart are also good for the brain. The physical activity which keeps your blood pressure under control and good for heart health is also beneficial for the brain. Cognitive training programs improve the functioning of the brain by enhancing the reasoning skills, power-solving ability and sharpen the memory. Such programs can also be computer based.

One of the studies conducted Advanced Cognitive Training for Independent and Vital Elderly (ACTIVE) on 2,832 individuals. These participants were given cognitive training which improved their reasoning ability and processing speed has shown a significant decline in the risk of dementia even after 10 years after the study.

Although the findings of the study hold true broader study needs to be conducted to gather the concrete evidence. The findings of the study shown by NASEM committee are not sufficient to conduct the public health campaigns including cognitive training programs, blood pressure management programs and programs related to physical activities. The brain health is in our hands


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