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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Scheduled To Be Launched In September Will Be The Costliest Phone Ever

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 device is expected to be released somewhere between mid of September. It is equipped with top-notched features.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Scheduled To Be Launched In September Will Be The Costliest Phone Ever

The upcoming  which will be launched in September seems to be the costliest phone ever. After the disastrous end of Galaxy Note 7 which reported burning issues, the company has revealed its next flagship phone to compensate for the loss.

According to the leaked reports by Evan Blass, from VentureBeat, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 scheduled to be launched in mid of September will be the expensive smartphone ever launched by the company. The reports also state that the South Korean giant smartphone manufacturer may delay the launch of the smartphone but the price tag of the device will be $1,000 (Rs. 72,100) which is equivalent to EUR 999.

This upcoming smartphone device will offer more enhanced and top-notched features apart from just bigger screen seen in other variants of the Samsung smartphone series. Recently in the month of April, Samsung had launched 2 new smartphone variants namely Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus which had a price tag of $750.

So, it was expected that the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 device equipped with top-end features may be priced at $100 or $150 more than Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. But the cost of the Galaxy Note 8 device as per the VentureBeat reports is far more than the estimated cost.

However, some of the leaks also suggest that this upcoming smartphone device by Samsung will be launched on August 26 which will be in line with the launch of iPhone 8 to compete with Apple. Even in past, Samsung had made attempts to launch its new device in line with the Apple devices to gain competitive advantage. For instance, the Galaxy Note 7 device was officially released during the launch of iPhone 7, but the Note 7 device disappointed many user’s due to the reported battery exploding issues which led to its complete shutdown.

Coming to the features of Galaxy Note 8 device:

The smartphone will flaunt its 6.3 inch AMOLED display which is seen in present S8 devices. The Galaxy Note 8 will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor but the RAM of the device will be greater than 6 GB.

Both the rear cameras will be located horizontally near the flash and heart rate sensor. The fingerprint scanner which is the most amazing features seen in many smartphones will be featured in Galaxy Note 8 too. The fingerprint scanner will be present at the backside of the phone and away from the rear camera.

The leak reported by tipper Blass is not yet confirmed by the company and we have to wait till its release to see how the smartphone makes it to the market.


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