Home News Railway companies will sell low-priced tickets 10 minutes prior to the journey

Railway companies will sell low-priced tickets 10 minutes prior to the journey

Virgin along with six other railway companies have adopted e-ticket system. Passengers associated with these companies will get tickets prior to the journey at cheaper rates.

Railway companies will sell low-priced tickets 10 minutes prior to the journey

Virgin, one of the leading train operational company has announced to distribute the cheaper tickets 10 minutes in advance before the journey begins. Six other companies have also made the announcement for the same. All the firms took this appropriate decision into order to save people from the penalization they face if the train schedule stands to cancel.

The train network operators will allow the customers of trains like Virgin Trains East Coast, Greater Anglia, Grand Central to buy the tickets for other railway trains in advance. This system will come with more beneficiaries. It will enable people to buy the tickets quickly in case of emergencies or for those who do not make any plans in advance at a lower rate.

Many people do not have access to the internet or some of them don’t even know how to use the internet. Hence, this system will be another advantage for such sort of people. They can directly get beneficiary of the low-priced ticket even if they buy it right on the day of their journey.

However, the railway system should increase the number of staff to control the discord that gets created on the platforms of the automatic ticket counter. It is improving the customer experience of the journey. Passengers who are the customers with this seven companies will adapt themselves very easily to this new system as they will get a chance to buy the cheaper tickets.

The latest action taken up by the railway systems will offer a good hospitality to the passengers and will overcome their growing concerns that operative agents hide the best ever tickets discounts from its customers.

Though the system has maximum benefits, the massive variety of tickets with different names and unsolved limitations proves to be the drawback of the system.  Transport Focus chief executive, Anthony Smith said, “We hope all the other railway companies also adopt the system of e-tickets so that passengers all over the US could experience its beneficiaries.”


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