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Science Unlocks The Mystery Behind A Good Night’s Sleep

A new research shows the link between good night's sleep and purpose of life which influences the healthy sleeping habits. Read more.

Science Unlocks The Mystery Behind A Good Night’s Sleep

A good and healthy sleeping habits are necessary to stay fresh and active. One of the recent studies suggested that sleep disorders or improper sleeping habits ups the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. A new research unveils the mystery behind the good night’s sleep and its importance in our daily life.

Many people now take pills to have good sleep which can put them at risk at the later stage of their life. According to a new study, a purpose in life of achieving something provides good night’s sleep with fewer disturbances and enhances the quality of sleep.

The research study was conducted by the researchers from Northwestern University on a small group of people to link the quality of sleep with the purpose of life. The participants mostly belonged to the elderly group but the results of the study are applicable to the individuals of all age groups.

The researchers were asked certain questionnaires and checked their response to these questions. These questions included the statements like “I feel good when I think I have achieved this in past and wish to do this in future”, “I feel good when I read that.”

This is the first research study which links the good sleeping habits to the purpose of life. By motivating people to develop an aim in life gives them the ability to have good night’s sleep and will protect them from the diseases like obesity, cardiovascular disorders, and insomnia, which is seen more frequently.

According to the past studies an individual needs 7 to 9 hour of sleep daily to stay fresh and active but this sleep time duration varies from individual to individual based on age, gender, lifestyle habits etc.

The Sleep Council of Britain states that Britons do not sleep for more than 6 hours at night which can give rise to different issues. The study results proved that the people who have some purpose in life were less prone to sleep apnea and 52 percent of these were less prone to suffer from restless leg syndrome. These individuals had enhanced sleep quality and few sleep disturbances.


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