Home Medical Research Shingles may increase the risk of heart attack, study claims

Shingles may increase the risk of heart attack, study claims

The study claims that shingles, the infectious disease may increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases like heart stroke and heart attack and is more commonly seen in females.

Shingles may increase the risk of heart attack, study claims

Shingles disease is closely related to chicken pox because both the diseases are caused by the same virus – varicella zoster. Whenever a person suffers from chicken pox the virus ruins in the individual’s body for long period of time in an inactive state. Suddenly after some period of time, the virus gets active and causes shingles. But the recent study claims that this disease can increase the risk of heart attack.

The symptoms of shingles include small rashes all over the body that can last for 15 days. These rashes from a band like structure on a particular body part. The pain and risk of cardiovascular diseases increase with an increase in the age of an individual. Hence, the risk was higher in the individuals who were above 45 years of age. The earlier you get shingles the lesser pain you suffer from. Around 1 million people in the US suffer from Shingles every year.

The disease was generally seen in female individuals that increased the risk of heart problems in them such as blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol level. People suffering from shingles could notice 41 percent increase in their heart problems, 35 percent increase in the heart stroke and the risk of heart attack increased by 59 percent.

Varicella zoster directly finds its way through the skin and attack the nerves and blood vessels that increase the irritation. This irritation could sometimes mess up the blood resulting in a heart attack. Researchers have still not got the evidence as for how irritation may cause blood clotting. This condition thereafter is called as post-herpetic neuralgia that results into shingles. The risk of Myocardial infarction and heart stroke are seen to be increased when people get shingles.

The study also found that people suffering from shingles never had an alcohol intake or did not have a smoking habit. These individuals practiced exercise on the regular basis. Taking proper vaccine can prevent the reappearance of the disease in the individuals who already suffered from shingles.


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