Home Technology Google Allo decides on The Web but will benefit Android users only

Google Allo decides on The Web but will benefit Android users only

Google Allo decides on The Web but will benefit Android users only

Allo, one-to-one chat application powered by Google has finally rolled out its web services. All the desktop users will be availed with the services from today. The application was in huge demand last year and now finally it has knocked the doors of millions of account holders.

Users were able to give replies in a smarter way and made whole and sole use of funny stickers with the Google Allo app. However, as of now, Google has introduced Allo app only for Android users. Others will still have to wait for this service. The procedure of accompanying with Allo app is quite complicated. Users need to scan the QR code similar to what we do in WhatsApp.

After scanning the QR code, the app will get harmonize with your desktop or laptop. The app will soon hit iPhones in coming few months. Google Allo app is available only for Google Chrome users. The major drawback associated with the app is that if the battery goes down and if the user gets disconnected from the internet connection the app will directly stop working.

Graphical User Interface of the application:

The app is divided into two parts. There is contact list on left side of the app and chats will be seen on the right side. You can tap on the input button to send smileys and emojis. Simultaneously, you can click on right-hand side column provided in the app in order to enjoy an advanced set of stickers.

Along with Allo, Google has also worked on other messaging apps and have recently fragmented its Hangout app into Chat and Meet. Chat is a messaging app while Meet, on the other hand, is a communication app for sharing videos and audios.

Allo users can widely distribute all over the world. There are about 21 million customers in India using this app and 17 percent users come from the United States.


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