Home Technology Sling TV service of Dish recently introduced in a web browser

Sling TV service of Dish recently introduced in a web browser

Sling TV service of Dish recently introduced in a web browser

Sling TV, dish network’s one of the popular internet television services has entertained millions of Americans throughout the year by offering to flow and live television services over the internet. Now, the company is looking forward to announcing its provision through a web browser. They decided to provide the service via google chrome for both MacOS and Windows users, the company made the declaration.

The main advantage MacOS and Windows users will be that they don’t need to install any additional plugins, addendums or allowances for utilizing this service. Chrome users just need to subscribe to the service on the monthly basis or can activate the service according to their requirements.

Sling’s mobile app will offer users very interesting features such as ‘Continue watching’ and modified my TV segment. The television programs of Sling TV service will include various sections such as Lifestyle, kids, drama, comedy, and sports. Segregating these shows makes it easier for the viewers to search for a particular channel efficiently.

Apart from Sling, there are a number of other online TV service providers like YouTube TV, DirecTV Now, fuboTV, and PlayStation Vue. Hulu is still out of the race as it the company has still not worked on bringing its service to laptop and desktop browsers. To access the service, users need to create an account by signing up in sling.com website.

Sling TV has made a major revolution by introducing its service into the chrome browser. There is a huge demand for a service in the market that can operate on multiple platforms. Simultaneously, request for supply of services that can support numerous and instantaneous streams is also increasing. People are keenly interested in astounding features such as the provision of pause buttons while watching shows live on the internet.

Hence, customers have to analyze other aspects as well along with just subscribing to a channel. The service is still under beta testing and will be available very soon in the market.


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