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Latest Google Docs Turns Out To Be The Finest Word Processor For Collaborating

Latest Google Docs Turns Out To Be The Finest Word Processor For Collaborating

Google has launched a free web based office containing word documents, excel sheet, slides back in 2012. These applications are available for the web based platform as well as for the mobile platform. With the ever-increasing popularity of this office suite, Google Docs turns out to be one of the best word processors which is the part of Google Drive Service. Google Docs one of the popular word processing tools has been cited as the best tool for collaboration.

Google has made intense efforts to transform its online Google Docs platform into the best one and to achieve these several new features are being added. Until now the users were able to edit and create files online and now the users can include suggestions in a specific document. The suggestions or comments can be added using a phone. Also, this feature was available for the web-based Google Docs platform and now it is rolling out for the mobile platform as well.

This feature will enable the users to track the modifications made to the word file as well it can collaborate with another platform. If a particular word document has certain versions then the users can manually assign different names to these word files which will be helpful for the users.

To ease the editing task of the user, Google has introduced one more feature to Google Docs called “clean version” in which there won’t be any comments or suggestions mentioned in the word file. When there is no major changed to be made to the word file that users can either accept editing suggestions or reject these suggestions. By doing so the simple mistakes like the punctuation marks, commas, the question mark can be added or removed as per the need.

Google Docs has been added with a feature which will ease the collaborating task and users can now integrate their word document with Litera Change-Pro, Workshare and others. One more exciting feature called Google Templates inbuilt with add-ons have been added. All these bundled features will definitely help the users while they are editing, collaborating or creating their word document online using Google Docs.


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