A California Nurse Has Been Arrested For Selling Opioid Drugs Illegally Through Dark Web

Everyone knows that selling a drug is an illegal act and a person could get jail for it yet still some people try to do those activities to earn some money. Recently a California based nurse has been arrested for selling more than 20000 prescriptions opioid through the dark web. According to Sacramento Bee, the name of the nurse is Carrie Allen Markis who is 46 years old certified nurse has been arrested for selling opioid drugs to the people through the dark web. The report further says that Carrie Allen Markis is a certified nurse and she holds a masters degree in nursing and health care leadership from the University of California-Davis. She got her license of practice in 1996, but the record says she has been inactive for many years and not doing any practice. She has been held into the custody without any bail and will be presented into the court on Monday by the local police.

According to the reports, this is not the first time the alleged woman has done something like this because earlier she tried to sell opioid drugs by opening an online pharmacy called Farmacy41. The US attorney’s office did a complete investigation of her business, and they found that many people like her sell illegal drugs through the Dark web. Many people are unaware about the usability of the dark web, but sources have said that such kind of things is usually used for illegal activities. In 2017 a similar case had happened in which the US attorney’s office successfully unveiled an online pharmacy called alphabet Marketplace which was the online market where people used to buy and sell illegal drugs.  

Markis had been found to be telling people that she owned prescribed drugs and had obtained them legally when in fact it’s not true at all, and soon the required judgment will be passed by the jury.

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