A Health Study Found That Lowering The Blood Pressure Helps To Reduce The Risk Of Getting Dementia

There are millions of people who are diagnosed with the problems of dementia or Alzheimer which is nothing but a dreadful disease. However, a new health study may have found a way to prevent getting diagnosed with dementia. A health study done by the researchers shows that people who have low blood pressure are least likely to get the problems of dementia or memory losses in their late 50s or 60s. Many old people have the Alzheimer and memory loss disease which can make someone’s life hell. However, this new study gives hope to some people because by controlling the blood pressure we now could be able to tackle the problem of dementia. In this health, study researchers looked into more than 9000 people who are aged above 50, and they found that those who have lowered their blood pressure to 120 are least likely going to get the problem of memory losses or brain diseases.

Many people knew that by controlling blood pressure will help them to prevent the heart disease, but this is the time the researchers found that lowering the pressure of blood in your body can also help to avoid dreadful issues like dementia or Alzheimer. The critical researcher of this health study said that their experiment might give hope to all the patients and other doctors that there is a way through which we can control Alzheimer. After the results got published The Alzheimer’s Association has decided to donate more than $800000 to the group of researchers who have done this health study and the organization wants more great results like this in future also.

The officials of the Alzheimer’s Association said they are working tirelessly to get the solutions to prevent one dreadful disease like dementia or Alzheimer.

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