After Getting A Strong Criticism From Its Opposition Amazon Is Rethinking About Building Its Second HQ in NYC

Amazon is undoubtedly one of the largest company in the world, but as of now, it is facing lots of criticism from New York State’s officials for company’s plan to build its second HQ in New York. According to reports tech giant company is rethinking about starting construction of its headquarters office on long city island in New York after getting lots of criticism from state’s politicians. Amazon a few days ago declared that they’re considering New York state’s long city island for company’s second headquarter. However, it seems like plans are not working out for the company and that’s the reason why Amazon hasn’t taken any property on lease also. Some group of politicians is not in favor of this deal because New York state has been given incentives to the company of worth more than $3 billion. Some Democrats think it’s not a good deal to provide that many incentives to one of the largest companies in the world.

Currently, some socialist politicians are against the country’s big corporations and wealthy people. Amazon has been getting lots of pressure from this group of people due to which it’s becoming hard for a company to decide on shifting their headquarters into New York state. Amazon executives while talking on this issue said that the company is hoping to work with local government and people. Amazon thinks they would be able to add more than 25000 jobs for all local citizens. On the other hand, some economists believe Amazon’s new headquarters will increase local properties rate due to which middle-class people won’t be able to buy a house. Amazon still hasn’t given their official statement about its new headquarters, but it seems like the company is rethinking about other options also.

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