Alabama Faces Worst Season of Flu – 1 Child Death Reported

The state of Alabama in the United States of America is facing the worst season as the Flu is affecting the people. The activity of Flu has increased by nearly six percent in the State in the last three weeks. According to the numbers shared by the Alabama Department of Public Health, reported cases of Flu contraction rose by six percent in the last three weeks. Also, the Department of Public Health reported the death of a child in the six days between January 20-26th.  There is nothing more information available about gender, age, and others.

According to the data shared by the Department, the North side of the State is facing the outbreak of Flu. Jefferson County has reported more than seven percent Flu-related activity. Many of the schools in the county are closed for one week due to the widespread Flu. The Departmental authorities are advising the people to take proper care to avoid contracting flu. The advice includes taking vaccines from a local hospital, washing hands and staying at home if you have a fever to prevent others from contracting the disease.

Not just the Alabama, but Massachusetts is also facing the bad flu season as the influenza virus has already spread in the state. Last year, more than 40,000 people in Massachusetts were hospitalized due to severe body ache, fever, nausea, and other flu-related symptoms. The doctors and the public health authorities say that nearly 3.18 percent people are contracted this disease in the state. According to the authorities, the activity is yet to hit the peak as the last year; the numbers hit to 5.5 percent. The government is taking appropriate actions in providing immediate health care and medical attention to the patients.

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