American Airlines Flight Got Cancelled After Pilot Had Been Arrested For Being Drunk

While traveling through airplane everyone hopes for a safe journey and when you’re on a plane your whole life depends upon the pilot who is driving it. However, according to recent reports an American Airlines flight got canceled when the pilot had been arrested for being drunk. Reports indicate that American airplanes flight which was scheduled from England to Philadelphia got canceled when authorities found that 62 years old pilot was drunk. Till now authorities haven’t said the name of that pilot publicly, but the investigation regarding this issue is still going on. According to reports, all the customers of a canceled flight has been boarded on another flight immediately by authorities. American Airlines haven’t given any comment regarding this issue; however, the company recently said that they’re fully Cooperating with local police.

There are many strict FAA regulations which every pilot and air traveling companies have to comply. One of those regulations is that a pilot is not allowed to abroad the plane when he/she has taken alcohol. Now American airlines are getting lots of criticism for this incident and to avoid further criticism they recently released a statement to a famous news channel. The company said that they had canceled their flight AA375 to Philadelphia and they have detained alleged pilot who was drunk while performing his duties. Company’s officials have apologized for this mistake, and they said the safety of its customers will always be their priority. Even if American Airlines has apologized for its error one thing which company shall do is to create strict work environment norms which will ultimately reduce such type of incidents.

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