Another Government Shutdown Will Certainly Do A Greater Harm On US Economy

According to the world’s top credit ratings agency Moody, the US economy is in that condition where it might get broken if another government shutdown happens. The Trump administration took the hard decision of shutting the government for more than 35 days which has become the most extended government shutdown in the history and Moody’s investors to think another shutdown like this would simply break the country’s economy. In a recent report, Moody’s investors expressed their opinions on the current financial and political conditions of the USA. According to the investors if another government shutdown happens in the next three weeks, then it will become hard for the country to manage the problems which will bring with itself. Many economists and business experts are already saying that the country is on the verge of recession and the government needs to take decisions like government shutdown seriously.

Last month President Trump demanded funding of more than $5.5 Billion to build a wall between the US-Mexico border but due to the political disputes Trump did not receive the required funding, and from then the Trump Administration has been on leave for more than 35 days. However, a few days all the work has been resumed by the president Trump, and he told the press that if US lawmakers don’t sign the deal he wants, then he might take necessary actions against them. Due to this situation, more than 800000 federal employees got affected since they did not receive any salaries for the last 35 days. But, the government has agreed to pay the compensation for those workers. The effect of the government shutdown is more subtle than ever before and if Trump administration wants to gain the trust of the people he might need to adopt some good policies.

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