Astronauts have Higher Chances of Having the Cancer after Space Travel

Space Travel is always dangerous as there are high chances of casualty due to unforeseen circumstances. The long space missions like the Stay at International Space Station for Months, Moon Landing and Mars Missions might have a negative impact on the Astronauts. According to the recent studies, there is a high chance of Astronauts spending a long time in the space to have cancer after returning to the earth. The radiation in the space might penetrate the protective suits and have adverse effects on the body.

Scientists studied the blood samples from the eight astronauts who’ve returned from the six-month mission from International Space Station. After analyzing their blood samples, they found that the natural Killer white blood cells, that kill the cancer cells are less in number than usual. The NK-Cell functions compromises while in the outer space mission for too long. The astronauts who’ve returned didn’t see any improvement in the NK-Blood cells, which is the danger sign and they are vulnerable to the growth of cancerous cells in the body.

As the NK white blood cells are an essential part of the immune system in humans, the depleting rate in the astronauts is the danger sign. The stress might be one of the reasons that are accelerating the depletion of the cells and making it easier for the cancer cells to attack. Thankfully, the International Space Station is very sterile, and there is no chance of hosting the virus and bacterias from the earth. But when the immune system goes weak, and the astronauts return to the earth, there is a high chance of cancer growth in their body.  After analyzing the blood samples further, the scientists might provide further details on this topic.

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