CDC Says Kids Might Be Using Too Much Toothpaste

Sometimes people don’t give importance to small things which could actually be vital for their health, and one of them is using the right amount of toothpaste when you’re brushing. According to some Centers for Disease and Control Prevention, there’s a specified limit for using toothpaste which differs for every type of person. Because according to CDC kids who are less than six years old shall not use Fluoride containing toothpaste which could be harmful to their health. If a child is between 2-3 years old, then the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that kids should brush twice a day and shall use a rice grain size amount of toothpaste. If a child is between 3-6 years old, then they shall use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste and shall brush twice a day. Sometimes parents don’t give that much importance to such type of small details like the proportion of using toothpaste, but when it comes to health, it’s essential.

Recently published health study shows that majority of the children don’t follow such type of rules and many of them even swollen toothpastes which contain harmful chemicals in it. CDC studied more than 5157 children and adolescents who were in between 3-15 years old also they found that a considerable amount of children who were in between 3 to 6 years old are using too much toothpaste. Even more than 49% of the children’s using a pea-sized amount of toothpaste, 20.6% a half load, and 17.8% a full load their brushes. Considering limit of using a toothpaste that’s too much and that’s why many health experts are worried about this bad habit among small children. It seems like advertisement has affected many children’s also parents shall be cautious about this situation.

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