During Polar Vortex So Far 8 People Have Been Hospitalized For Taking Boiling Water Challenge

Currently, the majority of the US cities are covered in snow because of polar vortex; now during this deadly cold season, people are taking hot boiling water challenge. If you’re surfing on internet and seeing some videos in which people are throwing hot boiling water which is getting frozen in a few seconds, then don’t do such kind of things. There are many people found who are taking this trending challenge, but according to recent reports more than eight people have been hospitalised at Chicago’s Loyola University Medical Center. Patients who are hospitalised have found to be suffering from severe burn injuries because of the boiling water challenge. There are tons of cities which are covered up in snow and people while enjoying this snow season are throwing hot water into the air and watching it getting frozen. The patients who are getting treatment at Chicago hospital are aged in between 6 to 53, and they have incurred some burn injuries to their arms, hands and face.

Centres for disease control and prevention said that throwing hot boiling water during this cold season is not good for the health and it might harm in many ways. People are getting some severe skin injuries which require them to get proper medicines from a doctor. However, one more interesting thing which has been found in this study is that other people who are watching the stunt or challenge are also getting hurt. Sometimes people like to do those things which they find interesting on the internet, but it’s always good to follow some prescriptions before taking hot boiling water challenge. Health experts are advising parents to take care of their children because they think it’s the responsibility of parents to know what their kids are doing.

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