First Interplanetary CubeSats from NASA is Dead

The first interplanetary CubeSat which was sent on the mission to Red Planet Mars has gone silent. The first CubeSat was deployed by NASA for an interplanetary journey and has clicked some fantastic pictures of the planet. The CubeSats was the MarCO or Mars Cube One. NASA announced the unfortunate death of the CubeSat behind Mars today. There were two CubeSats sent with the InSight mission to study the planet by orbiting around it. The MarCO-A and Marco-B stopped sending signals back to the station, and the attempts to revive them were failed.

The CubeSats are the small satellites, which are used as experimental projects to understand if the small satellites can survive the space and send the information back on earth effectively. Both of these Satellites were on the mission from May 2018 and were accompanying the InSights Lander. Before landing on the Mars, InSights rover deployed these two CubeSats in the Orbit and started it descends. The InSight landing was a success and MarCO-A, and MarCO-B were in orbit maintaining downlink with earth. But today, they are announced as dead because all of the attempts to regain connections with them failed.

Andy Klesh from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory said that these two CubeSats were an experimental project and had completed all their tasks successfully before dying behind Mars. Also, he said that the mission was all about pushing the limits of miniature satellites in the space and future satellites might even go further. The MarCO CubeSats were deployed to keep an eye on InSights Lander and also to relay the information back to earth faster than standard communication system. It was the MarCO-A and MarCO-B satellites that informed the ground control of NASA InSight Rovers successful landing on Martian Surface.

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