Florida’s Board Of Health Suspended More Than Hundreds Of Health Care Licenses Because Of Students Default Loans

Many students take loans to study and according to a recent report which state Florida’s board of health decided to suspend approximately 1000 health care workers because these students didn’t pay their student loans. This news might be shocking to many people living in Florida, but it’s true that the state’s health board has barred hundreds of healthcare workers because those people did not pay their student’s loan. Currently, there are lots of reactions coming on this decision of state’s health board because according to the records Florida is the only state which has taken this decision of suspending health service providers for not paying students loan. There are many loan companies and banks which urged different states in the US to take action on those people who have not paid their students loan, and that’s the reason why Florida has suspended that much amount of health care providers.

The state has taken this major decision due to which many health care workers have lost their jobs, and it has suspended more than 1000 licenses including professional certifications for registered nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, pharmacists. The report says every state in the USA has the right to suspend a worker for loan default. However, Florida is the only state in the whole country who decided of suspending health care workers licenses.

The student’s loan attorney said that the state shall not take such type of hard decisions of suspending license just for the sake of loan default because many health care workers now have become the jobless since they’ve lost their license. The situation might have been solved in another manner but it seems like Florida’s health board is strict regarding the rules and that’s why they have suspended so many workers.

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