Google to Add extended Right-click Feature to Gmail

It’s not like Google has not provided the Right-click dedicated options feature in Gmail. But it comes with the limited amount of features like Archive, Move to Tab, Unread and Delete. That’s not enough, and that’s why Google is adding the extended features in this right-click option to enable productive options. The new feature set will have the options like Reply, Reply All, Forward, Snooze, Label As, Mute, Search Mails and also Open the Mail in New Tab or Window.

The latest revamped version of Gmail is loved by everyone which provides a sleek and clean design. The emails are correctly shown with Material theme and the Google Sans font. It’s not the first time Google has modified the look of Gmail. The revamped theme was not forced to the users initially, but now it is used by default for everyone, even the same theme is coming in the Gmail app for Android and iOS. The addition of this extended right-click option was much awaited from hardcore users. Google is first rolling out this feature to the G-Suite users from today. The update might take a few days for G-Suite users too.

Also, Google said that the public rollout of this update would start from February 22, 2019. The public implementation of the feature will take a few more days as the number of users is massive. The game-changing addition will help the people who love to use Gmail to receive and send emails multiple times. Once this feature rolls out to everyone, the users can right-click on any email and access the options, which are currently located on the top navigation bar in Gmail. Google recently revamped the look of Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Google Slides with slight changes in theme, color scheme and the implementation of Google Sans font in Share button and Title.

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