Hospital Drops Woman with Alzheimers Disease Outside Care Facility in Midnight

A Californian Woman claimed that the  Long Beach hospital had left her mother with Alzheimer’s disease outside her care facility in the midnight. The mother of the complainant was left outside the care facility in the midh=night in a careless manner. The mother of complainant Savina Genoese Zerbi and she is 84 years old. The woman has filed an official complaint with the Public Health Department against the Long Beach Hospital.

Savina Genoese Zerbi received medical treatment from College Medical Center, Long Beach after she threatened to kill herself. After the psychological evaluation and the discharge, the hospital staff arranged a taxi and left her at Regency Palms old age care facility in the midnight 2.13 AM. when the cab dropped her, she was in the bathrobe and slippers on the body and kept banging the locked doors of the care facility for nearly 30 minutes.  After slamming the door, she walked on alleyway beside the facility and later returned to the door when the facility staff opened the door and let her in. Every incidence was captured in the CCTV camera outside the Regency Palms Care Facility.

After the incident, daughter of the victim Costanza Genoese Zerbi made an official complaint against the College Medical Center. According to Costanza, she received a call in the midnight from Hospital Clinician that her mother would be soon discharged and the hospital will arrange her a cab. Costanza claimed that the negligence of the hospital of not checking the appropriate time to send her back to the care facility could have costed her life. Currently, the public health department of California is investigating the hospital and validating the claims by Costanza Genoese Zerbi.

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