IBM Released Its revenue Report Which SHows It Has Beaten Everyone’s Expectations

In the technology sector, there are many companies which are suffering from a slow yet steady growth rate and IBM is one of them.Earlier many predictions made about the company’s earnings that it would record less amount of profits for the last quarter of 2018, but it seems like the company has beaten everyone’s expectation. Recently IBM released its fourth-quarter earnings report, and it has so far beaten every speculator’s expectation because it managed to earn the right amount of profit than anticipated. As a result of this news, the company’s shares went up by 7 per cent yesterday showing positive response among its investors. The company managed to record $21.76 billion of revenue as compared to the expected income of $21.71 billion. IBM’s earning per share also gave a good indication for its equity shareholders since the fourth quarter EPS was $4.87 vs $4.82 per share as expected by the stock analysts. However, the revenue of the company for the overall year fell by 3 percent, but still, the company performed well at share market.

For 2018 many stock experts believed that the company would perform poorly but according to this final earnings report for the whole year which shows company managed to give $13.81 of earnings per share to its investors when analysts had predicted the EPS would be $13.78. Since it has outperformed everyone’s expectations, the company is getting a good response at the US stock market. So far every business segment of IBM has performed better than anticipations made by the experts. IBM is getting a good position at the cloud service provider and it’s giving good competition to Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

The company’s officials said that they’re expecting a good year ahead of them. IBM managed to generate the right amount of profit even though some strict regulations have been put on tech companies.

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