Marion County Health Department Confirms No Measles Patient

Clark County in the Nevada State had reported the most significant number of measles patient since last month when the outbreak of the disease happened. Now the Marion County Health Department said that there is no measles patient in the county as per the lab reports. Marion County Health officials confirmed that there are no Measles patients in the Salem, Oregon after the receipt of lab reports. Clark County has nearly 53 confirmed patients of the outbreak, and this is considered as the outbreak. As many flu and measle outbreaks are happening in every state of the United States of America, it is a grave situation for vulnerable people. Last month, the Washington State government announced the State Medical Emergency due to the Measles outbreak.

Health authority of Marion County suggests that if anyone faces a Runny nose, Mild Fever, cough, red eyes and then skin rashes, then he might have contracted the measles. The officials said the county has set up the medical call center with number 2-1-1 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. patients who think they are contracted with the disease can contact the number and get immediate help from the authorities.

According to the health officials from Clark County which has the highest number of reported measles patients, non-vaccination is one of the big reasons behind this outbreak. Most of the patients who are suffering from this disease have never vaccinated with the MMR vaccine. There is no guarantee that the Vaccine will work to prevent the disease. When the condition is contracted, doctors prefer one MMR vaccine shot, which is 93% effective to take away the symptoms. Authorities suggest giving appropriate vaccines to the kids to prevent the disease outbreak as the kids are vulnerable to the disease more than adults.

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