Microsoft to Force Reserved Storage in Windows for Uninterrupted Upgrades

Windows updates are always annoying as they pop up anytime and start downloading and installing when you want to perform a critical task. Many users have forcefully stopped the updates, but still, they are downloading in the background. Microsoft faced a lot of backlash on this issue, and still, there is no solution from the company. Now, the company is planning to force reserved storage in the latest windows update, which will keep a certain amount of disk space as the reserved space for downloading and installing the updates.

To ensure all of the Windows 10 computer downloads and install upgrades automatically, the reserved storage space is being enforced in the new update. With this, Microsoft will be able to upgrade all of the computers without any issues as the minimum storage problem issue has caused the updates installation to stop. Now as there will be buffer storage, every computer even without enough space will receive the latest updates. The update will come with the Windows 10 Build 1903 for all of the users.

The update will start reserving the storage space up to 7 GB in your hard disk for all of the downloads and installation. If the users already have the low storage, then as soon as the storage clears, the OS will consume the space for the buffer. So, even if the storage space is low, the latest updates will get installed automatically. As of now, many of the computer users are not installing the latest updates from Windows and are vulnerable to security issues. To ensure all of the users are on the latest version of the Windows, Microsoft is forcing this new decision. As always, the users are not happy with this feature as it’ll automatically eat up the storage space and also the background updates download will slow down the system.

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