More People In America Are Dying Because of The Opioid Overdose Than Road Accident

In the USA the percentage of those who people who die in vehicles crashed has now surpassed by those who die because of opioid overdose. This might sound weird to you but according to a recent report presented National Safety Council the probability of dying because of opioid overdose is 1 out of 96. On the other hand, people living in America have a1 in 103 chance of dying in a motor vehicle accident. The National Safety council took the historical data of both cause of deaths in the USA and after comparison, they have come on to this conclusion. The national council said in a press conference that the nation is getting filled with the problem of drug addiction and the number of addicts is increasing every year which is causing a more severe problem than[people imagine.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Fentanyl is that drug which is responsible most of the deaths happened because of a drug overdose and use of this drug is increasing among addicts. The council recommended that there shall be given proper training to opioid prescribers and they think there shall be more centers where the addition of such people can be cured. As of now, the US has currently less amount of drug rehabilitation center where the right type of medical treatment is provided and that’s why council thinks there shall be rehabilitation centers.

Even though the leading cause o0f death in the USA is a heart attack and cancer, the problems like opioid overdose cannot be ignored by the government health departments since many people every year getting addict. The deaths affected because drug overdose affects the whole family financially plus emotionally which one cannot easily cure.

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