NASA and ESA To Test Asteroid Defence System by Deflecting Real Asteroid

Deflecting the path of an asteroid that is going to crash on earth very soon might sound like science fiction, but it is going to happen very soon. After being a theory for a long time, NASA and ESA ( European Space Agency ) are teamed up on the Self-Defence system to deflect the Asteroid that is on the way to collide on earth. The engineers at NASA are preparing for the mission that will have new technology and equipment to change the trajectory of an asteroid that might hit the earth and would be dangerous for human life.

This is going to be the first test of the planetary defense system to protect the human species from dangerous asteroid collisions that might wipe the life from the earth. NASA and the European Space Agency tied their hands for this project and will work together to develop a special probe that can be used to change the current trajectory of the Asteroid. Scientists and engineers are planning to hit the space probe on the asteroid at such an angle that it’ll change the path of the same. The space probe will travel with the speeds of four miles per second.

After colliding with the asteroid with this speed, space probe will die immediately, but the scientists are expecting to change the trajectory of a small rock sized asteroid with this probe. The asteroids are chosen for this test mission as named Didymos and Didymoon. These two asteroids are tiny rock size objects. They are not at all threats to the earth, but the closest distance with the earth that is seven million miles is the reason behind using them for this test. NASA and ESA are developing the probe currently and planning to launch the same in 2020 or 2021, and the probe will reach its destination by 2022.

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