One of the Biggest Channels on YouTube, Machinima Deletes all their videos

Machinima is one of the biggest YouTube channels goes dark, after the sale to Fullscreen Media. All of the videos of this channel are now deleted as the sale was gone through last week. Being one of the oldest and biggest YouTube channels, many fans are still in shock after the channel is now no more serving content to the YouTube viewers. Out of the 18 listed videos, all of them are not playable as the Channel has deleted all of them and still in the Playlists. As the users click on the video, it won’t play saying “An Error Has Occurred” issue. This means the Fullscreen media has deleted all the contents of the channel after purchasing the same.

The Machinima YouTube channel had the creators network named as “Machinima Creators Banner.” All of the deleted videos from the channel are official from the Machinima productions, and none were from the contributors. According to the reports, with this move, the Fullscreen media will layoff the Machinima employees. Some of the employees who have significant value for the channel will move to the Warner Media or the Otter. As of now, there is no information about the Layoff in the company and the number of employees affected.

When the Fullscreen media announced the acquisition of the Machinima Channel last week, the representatives of the company said that there is a lot of content coming on the channel after the sale goes through. Though, no one mentioned about deleting the entire channel and laying off the employees. As per the representatives, they will assign the Machinima employees to create exciting content and post it on the new YouTube channels in the coming months. As there is no official information about the Content deletion from the Channel is available, many of the channel fans are assuming the videos might come back soon on the channel.

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