Owning A Gun In The US Is Getting Popular WHich Is Also Becoming The Main Cause Of Children’s Death

In the US owning a gun now has become a popular thing because nowadays many people are showing their interest over possessing a handgun. Many people buy a pistol because of security concerns. However, a recent health study shows that the increasing fad of gun ownership is the reason behind the rising number of children’s death.  The latest survey shows that many children under the age of five are getting dead because of the firearm injuries. Experts believe that increasing gun ownership is the primary reason why so many terrible injuries are happening in the USA. The report which the researcher presented shows that in white American household the percentage of ownership of the guns has increased from 49% to 72% in the last forty years. The increase in the number of gun ownership has been correlated with the rise in the number of children’s deaths caused by firearm injuries.

The researchers said that they analyzed the data of gun ownership of last forty years and they think the now people are getting more concerned about their security purpose due to which they tend to own a gun at their household. However, the majority of the people who own the firearms don’t know that their guns are more accessible to another member of their family, especially small children. Researchers said that the children’s deaths because of the firearms injuries declined in the lates 70s or 80s. However, it has started to increase from the last ten years.  According to a study which shows that more than 5 million children live in that household which has the handgun. Majority of the people who own the pistol don’t follow the required rules and precautions to prevent gun injuries happening among children.

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