Report Says Apple’s Going To Hire Less People Because of Its Low iPhone Sales

Apple is going through some tough times because recently the company announced that they’ve recorded low amount of sales of newly launched iPhone and these low sales are affecting on company’s hiring policy. Because according to the latest report Apple Inc.decide to hire fewer people because of the company’s poor performance. A few months ago Apple became world’s first company to have more than 1 trillions of dollars of market capitalization, however, due to the recent less projected sales of its new iPhones the company’s net worth has slowed down a lot and now it’s impacting on its hiring policies also. Tim Cook in a recent company meeting said that Apple is going to hire less amount of people this year and he did not clarify which division is going to get less amount of new workers.

Apple’s global performance is already worrying its investors, and that’s the reason the company’s stock has been declining from last few days. Tim Cook previously mentioned in a letter he wrote to the investors of the company that Apple’s first-quarter earnings are not going to be good and they’re expecting less amount of sales in new year’s first quarter. Apple is that company whose stocks are traded on a considerable volume, but due to low sales growth, some investors are getting worried about its future performance. There are various things which have impacted on the poor performance of iPhone units sales; however, the major one is the trade war because in China many retailers are not willing to sell Apple’s products which are ultimately impacting on company’s sales.

It’s still unclear which division of the company is going to have less new workers in this new year, but one thing is sure that Apple needs to change its product and prices to get out of this situation.

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