Researchers Found Exercise Can Prevent Depression

Exercising is that thing which everyone wants to do, but very few people, in reality, do it so if you’re not into it, then there’s a piece of bad news for you because in a recent health study research it’s been found that doing physical activity can actually cure depression. The health experts have found various proof which states that physical activity and depression are related plus one can have control over their mental health if they do exercise on a daily basis. Some researchers recently study various data, and they tried to find the linkage between the depression and practice. In this study, they looked into the data of more than 377000 people who self-reported the documentation of their physical activity. In another program the studies 93000 people who were wearing motion sensors on their wrist.

After analyzing all of these people, the researchers found that physical activity can diminish the risk of depression since there’s a correlation between physical activity and mental health. However, one exciting thing in this case study found by the researchers is that depression is not linked with physical activity, which means any person who is in the depression can do the physical activity without any hesitation, but the same can’t happen vise versa. The researchers are not quite sure about that data which has been provided by those people who self-reported their physical activity to researchers because they think these people might not give accurate data since no one shows the honesty about their exercise.

The researchers think any physical activity is right rather than doing nothing. If we consider the fact that on an average one out of five people in the US is in the depression, then this study might help all those people who are going through mental stress. However, there are very people who would get out of their comfort zone and do the exercise to protect themselves.

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