Russian Space Agency to Build Soyuz Backup Version Without NASA’s Help

According to the various media reports, the Russian Space Agency is planning to build the Soyuz Spacecraft for the human-crewed mission at own expenses. The Space Agency has received funding for the current Soyuz Spacecraft to transport the human astronauts on to the International Space Station. ROSCOSMOS, which is the State-owned Space Agency of Russia chief Mr.Dmitry Rogozin said that the NASA had asked them to build a Soyuz backup version for landing on the moon. It’ll be an upgraded Soyuz Spacecraft for Human-crewed mission on the Moon once again.

According to the senior space experts in the Russian Federation, the entire operation and the building process will not be funded by NASA. The whole project will be done with the budget allocated to ROSCOSMOS. The current version of the Soyuz is suitable for transporting humans to the International Space Station and back to the earth. The upgraded version will need the new power supply system, Life support system and also new communications channels. Also, to ensure the Soyuz module enters the Lunar Atmosphere and the Earth’s Atmosphere, it has to be entirely redesigned with the accelerating unit and thermal protection unit.

In 2017, the former head of the RSC Energia, Vladimir Solntsev, said that the organizations and the multimillionaires asking them to arrange the moon flyby flights for hefty amounts. He said that there is a high possibility of that happening. The Soyuz Moon edition might be the preparation of the same. According to the plans posted on ROSCOSMOS website, the addition of Life support system, Thermal Protection Unit, Power Supply unit and many other additions to make it capable to land on Moon and come back on earth will require no more than $500 million.

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