Samsung Starts pre-order for Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Device

The only hottest device in the market is currently the Samsung Galaxy S10 which is not released yet or even confirmed by the company. But still, we see a lot of leaks of this device. First, it was the design prototype; then it was the leaked pictures and what not. Now, the company has started the pre-order for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Device. It is the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone because the website started for preordering the device has the “10” image in the background. Samsung is also offering a $550 discount for trade-in with the eligible smartphone.

According to the website started for preordering the device a week before the event, the users who are exchanging the eligible smartphone will receive the discount of $550 while purchasing the S10 series devices. Also, the site mentions the shipping date for these devices as for March 8th, which means this might be the official release date of the S10 devices in the market. The company has not started the Pre-order of the devices but the reservation of priority in the pre-order process. The users who reserved their spot from today will receive a priority in the pre-order period for 72 hours. If the privileged users won’t pre-order the launched device within 72 hours, they could lose the reserved spot.

Also, the site mentions that not all devices are eligible for trade-in. Samsung is currently releasing only the S10 and S10E models in the market according to some of the sources, so the users will have the privilege to purchase the smartphones that are launched by Samsung. The company has pulled a cheeky trick on the news leakers with the text “We know you know what is coming soon,” in the banner. Samsung is going to launch the S10 series smartphones in the Mobile World Congress just a week from today.

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