Sleep Deprivation Is Not Good For Students Health

Life of a student nowadays has become more boring because of the long-scheduled students have to follow daily. In an ordinary life of a school student, he will wake up with sleep deprived which will make feel him exhaustive throughout the whole day. When a person doesn’t get enough amount of sleep, then their full day will go unproductive since they won’t be able to focus on essential things. A student will have to attend the school, complete extracurricular activities and then reach back home at the right time. However, after arriving home, they will have to do the homework which will keep them up till midnight. Now when a person doesn’t get a proper sleep of at least 8 eight hours, it diminishes their productivity and also causes mental and physical health issues. Sometimes small things which we don’t pay attention to causes more pain than our anticipation.

According to reports many teenagers and youngsters are suffering from mental health issues because of mundane life they have to live. Now when it comes to finding a solution to this problem, it’s not easy because many people will not like to see the change especially in the school life of a student. But some experts suggest that if parents and teachers want to look at children getting the right type of education, then one thing which they shall have to do is to change the timing of school. For example, if school timings changed from 9:30 to 4 PM, then it will be the right amount of time available for a student to prepare for their homework and also get a proper amount of sleep by going early to bed.

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