SpaceX planning for Test Flight of Crewed Dragon II Capsule Next Month

NASA Is not ready at all to launch a human-crewed spacecraft in the space, and that’s why started the Commercial Spaceflight program. SpaceX is one of the participants of the Commercial Spaceflight program from NASA said that they are ready for the test flight of manned Dragon Capsule. The company said that they would schedule the test flight next month and evaluate if the capsule is ready to transport humans in the space. Recently, the Dragon II Capsule mission faced some troubles as the competitor Boeing also faced multiple issues. This statement comes as the hope for SpaceX fans as the company will try to launch the vehicle in the space with the crew inside.

SpaceX just completed the Static fire test of the Falcon 9 rocket. The Static Fire test of the Falcon 9 was conducted to check if the rocket can provide enough thrust to take the capsule in the space. The test was performed when the rocket was attached to the Tower so it’ll not take off and do not stumble. After proper assembly, the Falcon 9 will fly to the International Space Station with the Crew in Dragon II Capsule.

The test flight of the Falcon 9 and Dragon II capsule will fly to the International Space Station. The crew will take the necessary scientific instruments, and supplies to the ISS and will return shortly after completing the mission. The mission is codenamed as SpX-DM1 and will fly from the Launch Pad 39-A of the Kennedy Space Center. Currently, there is no information available if the company will try to land Falcon 9 booster back to the ground or will let them fall in the waters.

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