The Cases Of HIV Positive Has Increased In Connecticut

When it comes dreadful disease, the HIV is one of the most dangerous illnesses which attacks millions of lives every year and according to the recent reports which states that percentage of HIV positive patients has been increased in Connecticut state from last one year. According to the reports presented by the state health officials which shows that HIV patients were increased by 4% in 2017. The rise of the patients is the causing lots of problems for health department because even after implementing lots of health awareness programs they failed to their target. The report shows that in 2017 the people who were newly diagnosed to the HIV were 281 which is a moderate increase as compared to the 269 cases in 2016. The problem of HIV had always been a serious problem for the USA, and this report proves it.

Currently, more than 10500 people who are diagnosed with HIV live in the Connecticut state on the majority of them are still receiving the treatments.  Health experts say that the problem of HIV is more in the gay community and they’re trying their best to improve this situation. However, the data of the HIV positives have been compared between only two years, and if we looked into the data more profoundly, then it’s been found that in the last four years the percentage of HIV cases has decreased by 15% which is a significant improvement. Health officials said they are somewhere positive about the overall result they got from last four years.

However, some health experts think that the situation could be more improved and hence they believe the state’s health official shall try to make more health awareness among the people regarding the increasing problem of HIV.

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