The Expedia And Its Subsidiary Egencia Are getting Sued In An Overtime Cases

There are some things which a company shall not do, and one of them is not to pay the wages or salary to its employees. However, it seems like the travel company Expedia don’t know the importance of the right employees because recently the employees who work in Customer representative department have sued the company for not paying due bonuses to them. According to reports the online travel company Expedia and its subsidiary company Egencia did not pay the due bonus to the hundreds of its employees. Laurie Krause, of Melbourne, Florida who works in the customer representative department of Expedia field a case against the company in the US district court of Seattle. According to her company did not pay bonuses to hundreds of employees even after reminding them about it.

According to the reports filed by Laurie Kruse which shows the company did not pay bonuses which are due from 2014 to all those employees who works as customer representatives because the company does not consider them an employee. According to the labor laws a company is not an obligation to pay any type of perquisites like bonuses to those who work on a contract basis. However, many employees of Expedia and its subsidiary company said they did not sign any contract which would consider them as independent contractors, and it’s just the company who does not want to pay them their rightful bonuses. Many employees of both companies are alleging that they were intentionally misidentified as a different type of employees internationally by the company. The report shows all the employees have worked more than 40 hours a week which makes them eligible for claiming a bonus and other perquisites also.

Expedia and Egencia have not released their official statement yet, but it seems like the companies might get in big trouble if they don’t pay employees their bonuses.

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