Trump Has Taken Vows To Eradicate Problem Of AIDS In Next 10 Years

There are have been many presidents in the history of USA who took necessary decisions to eradicate America’s health problems and this time Trump has taken a vow to end the problem of AIDS in the country in next ten years. Trump has recently used his state of the Union address to announce his mega plans to solve the USA’s mega health problem because currently patient of AIDS in the USA is increasing at a faster rate. Trump while making this announcement said that his budget for eradicating AIDS problem would make Democrats and Republicans commit to this vow and together country will achieve this target. There are various dreadful diseases in the country, but one of the major ones is HIV/AIDS which make a person’s life more miserable than anyone’s expectation. If we look into the CDC report which shows that currently, more than 1 million people in the US have AIDS, each year forty thousand new patients are getting diagnosed with Aids which is a concerning thing.

While talking more on health issues which HIV diagnosed patients faced trump said that so far the country has the right amount of success and scientists are working to find a new way to eradicate this problem. However, some advocates criticize this vow of Trump because they think from last two years president Trump hasn’t taken any more significant action. According to them, Trump fired all members from President’s Advisory Council on issues of AIDS, and so far this position has been vacant. Trump’s proposal which he presented in front of all congressmen will increase the necessary supply of medications to all those people who are suffering from this disease. If policies have rightly implemented, then it will create a significant difference in those patients who are suffering from this dreadful disease.

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