US Labor Says Oracle Has Intentionally Paid Less Amount of Wages To Minority Workers

When It comes big companies, no one expects from them the cases of discrimination, but it seems there are few companies which still discriminate people based on the race and recently Oracle has been accused of such allegations. According to the US Labor Department who states that Oracle intentionally paid less amount to fo wages to the minority workers from 2013 to 2016 due to which these workers lost more than $401 million in wages. This report comes from the US Labor Department who investigated the company regarding job policy. It’s been found Oracle has always been preferable for Asian workers since these workers can do what the company want for less amount of wages still it used to pay less amount of fees to African-American or Hispanic workers.

Officials from US Labor Administration said that the Oracle has always been discriminating the employees based on their race or colour and not by their merits. During these four years of study Oracle hired more than 500 students in a technical position, and 90 percent of them were Asian graduates, and only 5 of them were black. However, the payment system was biased too since it’s been found that the company used to pay women and minority workers before their payday so that they could later pay white and other race workers a higher salary.

The report further says that the company’s pay system is so much worse for the Women, non-Asian and other minority workers that it might leave a long term effect on their career. Because working in a company for a low amount of wages is always considered as the symbol of inadequate services. However, various lawsuits are going on over Oracle relating to these issues, and it seems like the company is in big trouble.

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