Windows 10 Update to Separate Search from Cortana

The Microsoft released the Insider Build of Windows 10 today. The Insider Build number 18317 comes with some unique changes to the system and additional features. With this latest update to the insider preview users, the Cortana search assistant has been separated from the Search option. Now, the users can quickly search anything on their computer without involving the Cortana. In the Public version of Windows, the users have to click on the “Cortana” option on the taskbar to open the Cortana and then search for anything on their computer. Now, Microsoft is working to establish the Cortana as the Productivity focused assistant.

Currently, the Cortana understands the difference between the Search query and command. When the users type one or two words, it automatically searches the computer. But when a user types a question, then Cortana answers the same. In the Insider Build number 18317 of Windows 10, the Search bar and Cortana are kept separate. The Search bar will only search for the contents in the computer and Cortana voice assistant will show the search results from the web. As the current integration of the Cortana and Search is very complicated and annoying for the users, this move is being celebrated from the community.

After the separation of Cortana from the Search, the developers included the support for Microsoft’s To-Do app and Outlook Tasks. Now, users can use the Cortana to access their To-Do list and then add or complete the tasks in Microsoft Outlook. Also, the Search bar is integrated with the Corporate users of Office 365. The corporate users can find any file from their Office 365 on their computer with the search bar. The search bar can now fetch the data from connected OneDrive account, Documents from Office Online, Conversations from Teams and Contact Details from official contact book of the office.

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