Young Man Died After Eating 5 Days Old Pasta

When it comes to food, it’s better to eat fresh and organic ones because the cases of food poisoning are increasing every day and that’s what happened a few days ago. According to the report published by Journal Of Clinical Microbiology, it’s been found that a 20-year-old boy called A.J. died because of the food poisoning which he got after eating five days old pasta. The 20-year-old boy ate the spaghetti and sauce which had been stored from five days in the room temperature before he warmed it up and ate it. The report further says that after eating five days old spaghetti and sauce he went for the sports activity which was his daily schedule; however, he reached the sports center 30 minutes because of a headache and constant vomiting. His parents said when he came back home, he continuously vomited for a period of more than seven hours.

The report further says that he had continuously two episodes of watery diarrhea which made him weak. The next morning his parents got worried because he did not get up early in the morning, so they went to check him into his room and unfortunately found him dead on his bed. The doctor after examining him said that they found B cereus in his body which is a significant food poisoning virus. However, this is not the first time a case like this has happened because in 2008 an Australian person died after eating many days old pasta. Many experts are giving their opinions on this latest case of food poisoning and even though everyone’s got different opinion a person shall always eat healthy and importantly fresh vegetables.

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